Rewards / Loyalty / Cashback

Cashback, reward or loyalty sites are affiliates who offer their users rewards on purchases by passing a portion of the commission on to the consumer as a discount, or as points to credit towards future purchases through their site. These can be free for anyone to sign up to, or they can be closed user groups such as employee or student reward networks. Cashback is also used frequently by payment providers, or also known as ‘card-linked’ partners including ‘buy now pay later’.

Some cashback sites operate on a purely charitable basis: their users are incentivised by the knowledge that the cashback amount goes towards a charitable donation, savings accounts or schemes such as carbon offsetting.

How to improve partnerships: Since the commission is what provides users with the discount in most cases, the best way to be attractive to users (and to negotiate special exposure deals) is to offer an increase in the commission amounts you are offering.

Some will also be able to improve the look of your profile if you send them tailored assets, such as a bespoke header image for your brand’s profile, top-performing keywords, or specially formatted logos.

Additional Opportunities: These sites will often also circulate newsletters and have additional exposure opportunities which they can promote to their members.

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