What is Tradedoubler’s Network Commission / Platform Override ?

The Tradedoubler network commission is an added fee on top of the platform fee. This fee is calculated as a percentage based on your sales value and is dependent on your plan:

  • Start: 4% of the order value.
  • Walk: 3% of the order value.
  • Run: 2.5% of the order value.

Example calculation of Network Commission if you are on the Walk Plan:

For a transaction worth £200 with a 10% commission awarded to an affiliate:

You will pay £20 to the affiliate (10% of £200).
Depending on your plan, if it's the Walk tier, you'll pay an additional £6 to Tradedoubler as Network Commission (3% of £200).
Thus, your total billing amount would be £26.

It's essential to consider this when determining the margins you can offer to affiliates.

Furthermore, remember that the Tradedoubler commission is applicable to all one-time affiliate payments set up and processed by Grow, which includes media placement fees, bonus amounts, and integration commissions.