How do I set up Vouchers / Discounts?

We recommend you upload all publicly available discounts and voucher codes to the ‘Vouchers’ section of your ‘Ads Manager’ in the platform. These should be any offers that are currently valid and which will function correctly on your website. The codes themselves therefore should have already been created before you upload them to the platform, and do not need to be exclusive to Grow.

Vouchers can be in the form of

  • Free articles
  • Free shipping
  • ‘Discounts’ (that do not require a specific code i.e. 10% off all items in shop)
  • Vouchers
  • Raffles

Descriptions: The descriptions is to inform both affiliates and consumers of the terms of your offer, as well as to attract the consumer.

You can set these up in advance, by setting the start date and the end date of the offer.

You can also use the ‘advanced settings’ to specify which publisher you wish to assign the voucher to (creating an ‘exclusive voucher’) as well as specifying the landing page.

TIP: We recommend updating these frequently and having a range available, where your margins permit this. You are your own Grow account manager – so think creatively! Always have at least 1 voucher code and 2 or 3 ‘evergreen’ offers, even if they are your standard brand offerings such as ‘free shipping over X amount’.

NOTE: Strong voucher codes should be easy for consumers to understand. Avoid using a random sequence of numbers and don’t use information that is not clear to the customer. Don’t use codes such as GROW or TRADEDOUBLER as this is irrelevant to consumers who are unlikely to know the voucher is promoted via an affiliate network.


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