Subnetworks can either consist of:

  • Buying ad space programmatically across a broad range of ad spaces. Publishers bid on ad space in bulk, making ad outlay cheaper for them than it would be for a single advertiser.
  • A smaller network of content sites, bloggers, and other display advertisers, with whom they share the commission in return for matching ad content with the publisher

In both cases subnetworks are specialists in fine-tuning where a merchant’s ads are served, running tests for different segmented audiences on their network, and using the data returned to narrow down and find the highest converting placements for a given ad campaign.

Network – premium:

Premium Networks only work with ad inventory from top-tier publishers. They are usually very selective about their partners and the quality of their inventory.

Network – blind :

A network that buys ad space in bulk and runs ‘programmatic’ campaigns, meaning that it is not always directly possible to tell the precise source of the ad which has generated a transaction or click.

Many subnetworks will be able to investigate traffic sources in more detail, tailor your campaigns and exclude or focus on specific audiences. They will also be able to drive traffic from international sources as well as specific countries.

They may also describe themselves as programmatic, display advertisers, or Pay Per Click advertisers (though here PPC costs are absorbed by them, and you would only pay on the standard Cost Per Acquisition model through Grow).

Some ‘blind’ networks and sub networks can drive traffic from all kinds of sites from a variety of promotion types., since they may also have their own coupon, cashback, or price comparison sites within their network.

How to partner: All you need to do is accept them onto your program

Please note: The ‘programmatic’ way that some subnetworks operate may result in initial spikes in click traffic to your program whilst they are running test across broad ad spaces. You can then expect conversion rates for these affiliates to improve and the spikes to stabilise.

Place in the Marketing Funnel: Discovery and exploration stage

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