Voucher / Discount Codes / Deals

Voucher sites are publishers who will access the vouchers, offers and discounts you upload to the platform in order to promote your products to their users.

Voucher offers can take the form of:

- Voucher Codes

- Discounts (without a code)

- Free Articles

- Free Delivery

- Raffles

They can also only be valid under certain conditions (returning customers, or specific products) and have set validity dates – it just has to match the offers you have set up in your shop and how they can be applied there.

You can also specify the site(s) which will have access to a voucher through the ‘advanced’ settings upon listing a voucher in your ‘Ads Manager’.

Some Voucher sites will only use those uploaded to the platform. Others will look for ones that are in public view on and accessible on your site, regardless of whether they are in the platform already.

Voucher sites are very popular, and they offer brands a great opportunity to attract new customers. Many voucher sites will be able to boost their promotion of your brand if you are able to offer them an exclusive discount, and some will need an exclusive voucher code as a prerequisite for partnership.

Place in the Marketing Funnel: Action stage

How to partner: For most, all you need to do is accept them onto your program and ensure your ‘vouchers’ section of the Ads Manager provides them with your up-to-date vouchers. Some may require you to set up exclusive vouchers in order to partner with them.

How to improve partnerships: You can offer exclusive vouchers to a voucher site’s network to give them the opportunity to promote the exclusivity of the offer to their network.

Additional Opportunities: These sites will often also circulate newsletters and have additional exposure opportunities which they can promote to their members.