What subscription fees apply and when do they start applying?

Upon opening an account, you will enjoy a 30-day period without any subscription fees.

During this period, you'll receive one program included, regardless of whether you're on the Start, Walk, or Run plan.

Once the trial period ends, the following fees (excluding VAT) will apply:

  • Start plan - GBP 55 
  • Walk plan - GBP 85
  • Run plan - GBP 175

Each subscription tier – Start, Walk, and Run – includes one program. For any additional programs you wish to open, a fee of EUR 59 / GBP 55 (or the local market equivalent) will be charged. 

If your 30-day free trial ends midway through a calendar month, you'll be charged pro-rata per day for subscription fees.

Should you decide to close a program, pro-rata fees will also apply during the mandatory 30-day notice period. This notice period is a requirement for active programs that have accepted affiliates.


Click here to access a spreadsheet with pricing for different tiers.