What are the stages of set-up?

There are four stages for launching a program through our set up wizard.

  1. General settings: Enter your program name, site URL, territory, logo and general (default) commission.
  2. Program description: A short description to outline your program, and a longer description to go into more detail about your business, the way you’d like to work and what you can offer your affiliates.
  3. Tracking Integration: Showing the plug-ins (as well as manual JavaScript / GTM codes) and instructions for integration of our tracking codes into your site. If using a manual integration, you will need to be able to identify the variables that correspond to [Order_Number], [Order_Value] and [Voucher_Code] (the latter is not necessary for leads campaigns).

- Please ensure you get in touch with your site developer or host if you are not sure where to find these.

  1. Testing Tracking: The final step requires you to execute a test transaction, which, once tracked correctly, will make your pending program go live automatically. Make sure that you proceed with a complete transaction, including payment, so that you land on the final confirmation page.

- If you are running a leads campaign, this ‘transaction’ will be the completion of the form filled out by your clients.

- If you need to repeat a test transaction, please ensure you clear your cookies and delete your cache first.