I've followed the instructions, but I'm still having trouble creating a Product Feed manually. What could be the issue?

Even when you've followed the instructions, you might run into some obstacles while manually creating a Product Feed. Don't worry; we're here to help! Here are a few things that could potentially be causing the issue: 

  • Incorrect File Structure: Confirm that your feed file matches the required specifications. Keep an eye on the file type (it should be XML or CSV) and define the header, product attribute, and their values, such as product name, description, price, product images, product identifier, category etc.   

Example of an XML file structure:  

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  

<productFeed version="2.0">  

<product id="PROD0001">  

<name>A product</name>  




<description>A nice product</description>  


<field name="FieldName" value="FieldValue"/>  



<category name="Category Name" tdCategoryId="120"/>  



<shortDescription>A product</shortDescription>  

<promoText>It's so good!</promoText>  






<deliveryTime>3-7 days</deliveryTime>  


<weight>12 kg</weight>  

<size>40x40x30 cm</size>  








  • Incorrect product codes: Make sure you use the appropriate product codes such GTIN, MPN, EAN, UPC, to help marketing channels identify your products. 
  • Inconsistent Use of Quotes: For CSV data file , it’s important to use the same  text qualifiers  and the column separator throughout your CSV feed. Mixing different types of text qualifiers or column separator marks could cause data reading errors and make your feed difficult to read. Example of mixing different types of quotes that causes data errors: “I am ‘generating’ a feed or ‘I am “generating” a feed’. 

CSV file example: PROD0001;”This desc contains the  separator”;16.99;...  

  • Special Character Restrictions: Be aware of any restrictions on special characters in the feed. Some platforms may not support certain characters, such as &, #, €, or single quotes within double quotes, which can cause errors during feed processing. 

If you've checked these points and still can't generate your Product Feed, please contact our Grow support team at growsupport@tradedoubler.com. We're always here to assist you.