Why is my program still Pending Validation?

Your account will become active once you have integrated the tracking code on your website and successfully made a test purchase, via the ‘Test My Tracking’ link in the final stage of set up, which has fired the tracking pixel.

If your account remains ‘pending validation’ after you have completed the set-up, please perform the following checks:

  • Check you have correctly inserted the tracking codes according to the instructions you are using (either the specific Shopify/ Woocommerce/ Prestashop scripts, or manual integration using the Javascript instructions, or the Google Tag Manager instructions – please do not use a combination)
  • Check that there are no mistakes in the variables where you are using a manual integration
  • Check that the full payment for the test transaction was successful
  • Check that you do not have any ad blockers on your browser when performing the test transaction.

If you need to repeat the test transaction, please also ensure you clear your cookies and cache on your browser before clicking on the ‘Test My Tracking’ button a second time.

If none of these steps work, please contact Grow Support and if possible provide screenshots of the code you have placed in your website.